Monday, March 7, 2011

Captured Thought: Singing on Pitch

Last week was Musical tryouts. Somewhere around 150 people tried out and the final cast list contains around 75. Luckily, I was one of the 75 but unfortunately I wish I had this profound thought BEFORE I had my audition. I realized the night after callbacks that there is really nothing to singing if you think about it hard enough. It is completely mind over matter. Everyone has the same vocal chords and while, yes, some people have a natural talent to have a good voice, in all reality you can produce any sound that is within your range quite easily if you just think about it. If you think you are going to be sharp, you probably will be. If you think about your voice cracking or being too meek, it inevitably will be because without confidence your voice cannot do as well as you just hope it will. By putting your mind into it, you can completely change the outcome of an audition, or even just a performance. It makes me wonder what other amazing things I could do if I just set my mind to it. Maybe people actually can fly? Maybe nobody has ever actually thought hard enough to make it happen? Or maybe it just can't? How will we ever really know?!

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  1. Hey Elyse!

    I totally agree with what you are saying. For me, when I'm playing my instrument I sometimes start thinking about what I'm actually doing. I then think about it too much and mess up. I think that what you said can apply to anything that we do in life. If we think too much about something and everything that could go wrong with it, then something probably will go wrong. That is one of the reasons that I think that people should look at what could happen positively in what they are doing. Thanks for making me think! =]