Sunday, January 30, 2011

Connection: Einstein's Dream and My Brother

The novel Einstein's Dream by Alan Lightman constantly reminds me of my brother, Mitchell. I am learning that Albert Einstein is a lot like my brother. With all of his quirks and habits such as a messy desk and working late into the night, they are very similar.

Einstein has a problem when it comes to interacting with other people and being social. My brother is horrible with socializing and knowing how to interact appropriately with others.

Einstein is very bright and my brother is basically a genius. He always thinks of the little things that people would not usually think about. But the physical and mental things that my brother does is not the only thing about this novel that reminds me about him; the way that the author writes also has a strange connection with my older brother. The way the author thinks and writes reminds me of my brother so much. The fact that you know all of those details that a lot of people would leave out reminds me of how my brother seems to look at things in a different way and is always pointing out the details that no one else would ever notice.