Friday, November 5, 2010

Connections: Sophie's World and College Visits

There is a certain mindset you have to put yourself in while on college visits. I was able to find the perfect mindset while reading the novel Sophie's World in humanities class. Sophie is an adventurous existential thinker that does not let things get in the way of her looking at the broad picture of things. Sometimes, when I try new things or am in new places I forget to keep an open mind and know that not everything has to be in the perfect set out order that I have them.

When keeping an open mind, it was easier for me to look at the qualities of each college and know my likes and dislikes for it. I was able to see myself walking around campus, living in the dorms, and going to class at any particular college I just happened to be at. By being able to put myself in the students shoes I was able to make a well informed decision about whether I wanted to go there or not.

In the novel, Sophie has a very open mind. She is able to ask hard questions about herself that a young girl is not usually able to answer or even question. Just like Sophie, on my college visits I made sure I asked myself the hard questions like, "can I really see myself living here?" or, "would this place really be conducive to my future and my goals as a powerful woman?" through these questions, I am able to learn a lot about myself and what I want in the coming years for my future. Just like Sophie, I want to ask myself the hard questions so that later in life I won't regret not knowing the answer.

Monday, November 1, 2010

iMedia: YouTube/The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect: Video

The power of YouTube, is so much more important than it has ever been. Through media, we can make a difference, spread awareness, show people that there is something we can do to improve the value of life. The power of video, can reach the heart. It can help people visualize what a problem is and do something about it.

I believe that by using media that people around the world utilize every day, we have the power to change the world. This video speaks for itself and me talking about it gives it no justice, you just really have to watch it. I dare you to not want to make a difference and give a girl a better life by the end of it.

The power of media is immense. It is extensive in all ways. I am not going to shut down the human race by saying that we do not utilize media enough because truthfully we do. But I will say that I feel like all the junk we put out in the media needs to go away. There are more important things such as 'The Girl Effect' and other organizations that deserve more recognition than the dirty gossip and backstabbing that the media is being used for now.

The Girl Effect proves that a powerful message or video can make a difference.