Sunday, September 26, 2010

Metacognition: First Mindbook Page

As like any other high school project, I had waited to even start my first mindbook page until midnight the night before it was due. Mind you, we had almost a week to complete the simple task, but had I taken advantage of the other 99% of the time we had to do it? Nope. As I sat in my room contemplating why I had waited so long instead of getting a move on and getting things done. I finally got my second wind of energy and was able to begin the creative task.

This is when I realize, "I am actually extremely creative late at night!" YOWZERS! I start cutting and pasting and coloring and writing and everything is flowing together beautifully without me having to think twice about it. Which is when I come to my second realization, "maybe.. if I fall asleep right after I get home from school and then wake up around 11 and do all of my homework I will actually pull out more creative and quality work!" Which would have been a feasible idea if it were not for the massive blue bags under my eyes the next morning and the agony I felt as I lifted my head off of the pillow. I could not have been more proud of the creativity I had embarked upon the night before and also more remorseful that I had chosen to stay up so late.

I just wish that I could harness that creativity and use it whenever I would like to, but I can't. Why does it take a weak brain to create such a beautiful mind?

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  1. Hey Elyse!
    So reading this blog really opened my eyes to how you think and what your mind is really like. I never knew this was how you thought and how you work best. I guess it was also a discovery for you as well. I just read Spencer's blog and he wrote about how good things take time, but now I see the other end of that statement in your blog, I kind of like it. Maybe it's just that having a smaller amount of time will force you to get your mind fully engaged in the project and able to create such beautiful work. It seems that in past experiences of mine, cramming for a test or doing a project late sometimes seems to result in more productivity, or even a higher grade. I'll have to test this out in the near future.
    XoXo Becca